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"It should never be about the 'cost.' It should be all about the 'Return On Investment'." - Snake Blocker






Updated as of 2022 

(prices subject to change without notice)

Individual Membership:


Group Classes:


Contact Snake Blocker (720) 707-9461

$36 per class or

$288 per month 

(1 year minimum commitment)

Correspondence Advancement Program:

Learn via instructional videos and test out via video demos.

$150 per month

(1 year minimum commitment) 

Warrior Resurrection Society (for Instructors):

$50/month (includes 25% off on seminars, private sessions,

and listing your name or school on website).

Private Training:


Intensive Personal Training Sessions (IPTS):

$2,000 for two 8 hour days.

2 Days "Review & Test Outs" (for Instructors only): 

Contemporary Jeet Kune Do (CJKD) Instructor Course - $3,000

Rapid Assault Tactics (RAT) Instructor Course - $3,000

Global Knife Fighting (GKF) Military Instructor Course - $3,000

Apache Journey Course for Instructors - $3,000

Military Close Quarters Combat (MCQC) Course for Military Instructors - $3,000

Muay Thai, Savate, Kung Fu, Shoot Fighting or Filipino Stick or Knife Fighting Course for Instructors - $3,000

Host Snake Blocker at your location:

$3,000 + Travel, Meals, and Hotel for two day seminar.

$2,000 + Travel, Meals, and Hotel for one day seminar. 

Affiliate Academy Membership:

$100/month - This includes listing on website, link added to website, and Affiliate Certificate. Includes 25% discounts on Ranking Certificates, Training Manuals.  Restrictions apply.

Elite Academy Membership:

$300/month - This includes the above, plus use of name and logo (Blocker Academy of Martial Arts) and includes business building tips and council. Restrictions apply and head instructors must do continued education training and be properly tested and ranked. 

Leaders are readers:

Filipino Martial Arts Books to own for your Martial Arts library:

1. Arnis Presas Style and Balisong by Ernesto A. Presas

2. The Practical Art of Eskrima by Remy A. Presas

3. Filipino t'mas de Mano by Ernesto A. Presas

4. Filipino Knife Fighting Presas Style by Ernesto A. Presas

5. Filipino Modern Mano-Mano, Presas Style by Ernesto A. Presas

6. Makabagong Arnis De Mano: Sining Na Pilipino Ng Pagtatanggol Sa Sarili by Remy A. Presas

7. Modern Arnis - The Filipino Art of Stick Fighting by Remy Presas

8. Filipino Police Combative Technique by Ernesto A. Presas

French Martial Arts Books to own for your Martial Arts library:

1. La Canne Workout - an Outline of La Canne's Core Movements translated by Matthew Lynch

2. Charelmont's La Boxe Française & English Boxing translated by Matthew Lynch

3. La Boxe Française - J. Charelmont's Combative Savate System translated by Matthew Lynch

4. Boxing & Savate (Julien Leclère 1911) translated by Matthew Lynch

5. Self-Defense for Gentlemen and Ladies - A Nineteenth-Century Treatise on Boxing, Kickboxing, Grappling, and Fencing with Cane and Quarter Staff by Colonel Thomas Hoyer Monstery

6. French Wrestling translated by Matthew Lynch

7. Savate: The Deadly Old Boots Kicking Art from France by Andy Kunz & Kenneth Pun

"Snake's business model has always impressed me. His expertise in his field and his endeavors is always top of the line. He possesses both discipline and superb organizational skills as well as visionary thinking. I always can trust Snake to get the job done, and done right." - Christina Linhardt, Producer, Entertainer, Writer, Model, Therapist, California-USA

"[Snake Blocker] You've got 'rock star' status among some of the young ones around here... I tell them stories, such as I can find, about some of the old chiefs, and then the 'kids' had me watch you on the television... Thank you, for keeping the 'old ways' more alive than most of us can. You're helping to inspire many who would have otherwise been forced to think/believe that they were forever dead. Be strong sir, be strong ." - Kenneth Chin, Pennsylvania-USA

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