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"Good, Better, Best? Never Rest! Until the Good is Better and the Better is Best!"

Snake Blocker in India
Snake Blocker's Apache Knife Fighting & Battle Tactics Seminar
Kung Fu Expo Honored Masters - After-Party Dinner
Snake is Back! - Native American League (NAL)
Sam Muratore (right), Shooto Champion
Sam Muratore, Shoot Fighting Champion
26th Annual Jeet Kune Do & Affiliate Arts Seminar (BJJ Promotion Ceremony)
Snake Blocker, Bart Vale, Mike Omerbegovich and Students
Sifu Taky Kimura and Sifu Kainoa Li
Professeur Magida Raguig and Students, Blocker Academy of Martial Arts, Palos Verdes, California
Kenpo Creed
Snake Blocker & Students, Blocker Academy of Martial Arts, Palos Verdes, California
Snake Blocker and Rener Gracie
Blocker Academy of Martial Arts, Torrance, California
Kaiona Li's Elite Martial Arts Logo
Sifus: Richard Bustillo, Dan Inosanto, & Kainoa Li
David Tice & Friends
Gary Dill & James Lee (Bruce Lee's Oakland School)
Sifu James Lee's Oakland Business Card
Sifu Gary Dill
Oakland Jun Fan Gung Fu
David Tice with Grandmaster
Tice Ground Fighting Logo
David Tice and Eric Paulson
Professeur Guy Chase
Guy Chase Academy Logo
Snake Blocker Security Shelter Design
Wander Braga BJJ Logo
Wander Braga JiuJitsu Logo
Front: Nate Young, Taky Kimura, Kainoa Li. Back: Chris Kent, Andy Kimura, Burton Richardson
David Tice & Grandmaster Gene LeBell
Sifu Gary Dill and Linda Lee Cadwell (Bruce Lee's widow)
Gary Dill
Paul Vunak & David Tice
David Tice Presenting Snake Blocker with Black Belt Certificate (American Combat Jiu-Jitsu & Catch W
Willem de Thouars (Uncle Bill), Snake & Melissa Blocker, Paul Bruitron III and Students
Vice Admiral Gerald Beaman & Snake Blocker, Hawaii
Salem Assli Savate Logo
David Tice, Chuck Norris, Bob Wall
Professeur Jean-Pierre Julemont and Snake Blocker, Texas
Snake Blocker, US Navy, Okinawa
Snake Blocker with Shipmate Stationed on the USNS Mercy Navy Hospital Ship, San Pedro, California
Instructors: David Tice, Gary Dill, Guy Chase, Snake Blocker, Kaiona Li, & Jill Hernandez
Professeurs: Salem Assli and Guy Chase
Snake Blocker and Jean-Pierre Julemont at Buffalo Bill's Gravesite, Colorado
Professeur Paul Bruitron III, Snake Blocker and Students at Federal Heights, Colorado Seminar
Jean-Pierre Julemont with Rare Vintage Savate Glove at Snake Blocker's Home
Snake Blocker, Bell Toller at 2021 Denver Memorial Day Service for Gold Star Families
Melissa & Snake Blocker Tomahawk Throwing
Jeet Kune Do Full Instructor Snake Blocker Certificate (Hawaii Affiliate)
Jeet Kune Do Full Instructor Snake Blocker Certificate (Hawaii Affiliate)
Professeur Jean-Piere Julemont and the Blocker Family, Denver, Colorado
Legend Instructors Teaching LA Police Force
Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute, Oalkand, California
Blocker Academy of Martial Arts, Palos Verdes, California
Professeur Jean-Pierre Julemont and Snake Blocker
Snake Blocker & Shipmates at Restaurant Filmed in Top Gun
26th Annual Jeet Kune Do & Affiliate Arts Seminar
Martial Arts Living Legends
Snake Blocker Training US Navy Sea Cadet Corps and League Cadets Corps
Snake Blocker RockClimbing
Snake Blocker & Ed Yarbrough (NFL Player)
WM Snake Blocker (2016), Brighton Lodge, Colorado
Snake Blocker's Private Collection: Autographed by Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee's Son
Snake Blocker's Private Collection: Auto
Snake Blocker's Private Collection: Autographed by Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee's Son
Senior Grandmaster Rick Alemany Ranking Snake Blocker for his 4th Dan Black Belt
Senior Grandmaster Rick Alemany and Grandmaster Kainoa Li Presenting Snake Blocker his 4th Dan Black
Rick Alemany & Kaiona Li
Savate Champion Jean-Pierre Julemont, Snake Blocker and Students
World Renowned Artist: Julia Alekseyevna Kravets
World Renowned Artist: Julia Alekseyevna Kravets
Snake Blocker at Bruce Lee's Seattle Home & Training Location
Apache Shield




Monthly Seminars in Oberlin, Kansas.

Annual Seminars in Oberlin, Kansas.

Semi and Private Lessons Monday - Saturday 

Private Lessons available in Denver, Colorado & Oberlin, Kansas

Email to schedule.:  Call to scheduel: (720) 707-9461

"Anyone who knows Snake, knows that he's extremely motivated. He's always doing something productive and putting everything into it. Our Navy battalion witnessed it in Kuwait when he took something that seemed fun to the rest of us (Close-Quarters Combat) and turned it into an incredible career move that has since left me watching him on TV, and marveling at his incredible testament to the power of willing your dreams and goals to fruition. All the while he was doing that, besides certifying me in CQC, I also worked with him in logistical and pier operations where he equally excelled by doing everything to the utmost and learning everyone else's job before we left the theater of operations, including certification on every piece of equipment we had, and supervisory roles, too." - Mike Thompson, US Navy Veteran (Seabees, BU2), California-USA  

"If you haven't checked out brother Snake Blocker's programs, well you should. A true Martial Artist, Star of TV's Deadliest Warrior and a proud Native Apache Warrior who has served our country fighting in the U.S. Navy. Snake's academy won't steer you wrong, and I guarantee you will walk away with the lifesaving knowledge, and skills you set out looking for and find yourself a great workout as well." - Cody Sheronick, The Mountain Man's- True Survival Tactics,LLC., Colorado-USA

"I am 1st Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, but my sucess is thanks to you [Snake Blocker].  If it hadn't been for Snake Blocker's training, I wouldn't have gotten this far. Thank you, Master." - Kelly Stamm, Kansas-USA

































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