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SEMINARS - 50th Anniversary Tribute to Bruce Lee (link), Founder of Jun Fan Gung Fu & Jeet Kune Do. - October 2023, Blocker Academy of Marital Arts, Oberlin, Kansas.  Instructors include: Sifu Andy Kimura, Sifu John Doty, Sifu Snake Blocker and others. Special Guests: Alan Tafoya (Deadliest Warrior season 1, episode 1, Apache v. Gladiators and 2x Soldier of Fortune Knife Champion) and Jay Tavare (Street Fighter character Vega) - 14-15 October 2023 Facebook event (link) Various Packages avialable

Gung Fu and Filipino Martial Arts Seminar - Saturday, 15 July, 2023, 11 am - 5 pm. - Instructor: Snake Blocker. - $349.99.

Meet Cynthia Rothrock, Jesse Bowens, Randy "Boom Boom" Blake Jr., Darrell Sullins Sr., Snake Blocker and many other Grandmasters at the American Martial Arts Legacy Weekend, 28-29 July 2023 at The Orleans Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada. 

29th Annual Jeet Kune Do & Affiliate Arts Gathering/Seminar - 27-28 April 2024 - World Class Instructors presenting.

"Snake personally trained me in kickboxing one-on-one, on the basketball courts at Camp Duke, Najaf, Iraq, before his Close Quarters Combat class for the military.  Snake is the real deal when it comes to martial arts and one of the most genuine people that I have ever met. I am writing this at East Coast Martial Arts, while watching my daughter train now. Martial Arts is extremely important to pass on to your children and maybe one day I'll be able to introduce my daughter to Snake. He is a great man and a great influence to anyone who has trained under him." -  Lewis Ambrose, Ohio-USA

"Snake is indeed one of the best." - Carl "Dragon" VanMeter, Actor, Martial Arts Hall of Fame, California-USA

"Any of us who have been lucky enough to interact and spend time with, all have great experiences and treasure the moments. Snake Blocker is very much the real deal and very much appreciated both professional and friends. Nobody who has actually met him has a bad thing to say. In fact I haven't heard of him having any haters." - Steven Michael King, California-USA

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